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Anchor Vapor is a Vape Shop that is Christian owned and operated and is located at 3945 Secor Road Toledo OH

Our name comes from a Bible verse: Hebrews 6:19: "Hope is an anchor for the soul". The owner of the business, Amanda Harris, has a serious passion for making creative e-liquids and has been in the Vaping Industry since 2012. She started with the company, "Smoke Revolt", with a former business partner and in 2016. After some professional differences between the parties, it was decided that is was better for all concerned for her to branch into her own business. This allowed Amanda to follow her own unique, creative vaping ideas and create a business that followed her convictions.

What Makes Our E-Cig Store Different

Amanda believes in continuously offering customers the best vaping prices in the Toledo area and improved experiences including true customer service. The company will always strive to ensure that each customer will find a friendly and professional encounter each and every time. The entire staff of Anchor Vapor believes that vaping should be effective, affordable and successful for each and every customer and cannot stress this enough.

Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Anchor Vapor also stems its values, love for customers and principals from Christianity and credits all of its ideas and success completely to God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! "the True Hope- Solid Rock- and Anchor!" Anchor Vapor Truly Prays that: Vaping will somehow Long-Live as this is also a gift from God. Vaping is greatly important because it means that society does not have to be subject to the high costs of smoking tobacco and more importantly, to the harmful effects of cigarette smoke, such as carcinogens, laced chemicals, tar and more. Anchor Vapor knows that VAPING CHANGES LIVES and will always believe in its amazing qualities. Our prayer is that every smoker will take advantage of vaping as an alternative to cigarettes.